Suzy Moore, Treasurer

Suzy has known Iliana for about 8 years.  They served together, along with Iliana’s son Moises, in elementary ministry at our church, The Crossing, in Las Vegas, NV.

Suzy went on her first mission trip to Peru in August 2017.  This ministry is close to Suzy’s heart because helping incarcerated youth turn their life around is something Suzy is passionate about.  The impact Iliana and Hope for Youth is having in Trujillo, Peru is life changing for so many of the boys. 

Suzy just got back from the mission trip that went to Peru in February 2020.  Our team developed strong bonds with many of the volunteers and boys inside and outside of the detention center.  Suzy enjoyed seeing boys that were formerly incarcerated giving back and giving their testimony to boys still inside the detention center.  THAT is what our mission is all about.  Teaching these kids that they CAN change their way of life with the help of Jesus Christ!

Suzy recently joined the board of directors and looks forward to seeing what God has in store for this ministry.