Education is important in every economy, but its influence on attitudes and lifestyle can be just as meaningful. In Peru, schools charge a fee of nearly $1500 per youth per year. Though this does not seem like that much, it can add up to more than 100% of their annual income.

Awarding scholarships to our youth turns hope for a better future into a reality. Our deserving recipients and wait-list hopefuls not only show promise, but the leadership skills to make a difference in their communities.

  • Meet Elder

    Meet Elder

    Meet Elder. He is one our many amazing youth who is in need of a sponsor. He would love the chance to study finance or accounting in hopes of being an accountant or finance director.
    We have many youth who have turned their lives around and just want to get the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and crime.
    Going to school is one of the main ways that our youth are able to break that cycle, they just need the right sponsor who can help fund but also encourage and motivate them through their schooling.
    If you would like to sponsor a Hope for Youth Peru youth please click the link below.
  • Meet Viviana

    Meet Viviana

    I’m Viviana Ramirez, and I am 27 years old.  At present I am enrolled in an English Academic center called, “El Cultural”. I like the languages, I might be slow to learn sometimes but I am now more than ever focused on completing. I would like to gain a certificate allowing me to someday become a Translator or Teacher. That would be an independent job for me.  That is my goal, God willing I will accomplish it.

    I love the art of the traditional Dance of Peru. I have danced for the past 8 years.  I dance with a group called “Estampas de Mi Gran Perú”

    One of my dreams is to own my own home for my 6 year old son (Lian) and me.  He is my eternal love til the day I am no longer here.  He is in 1st grade.  If we have our own home once he reaches middle school he will attend better schools.

    Only God could guide me if I allow Him. Now I am with Him and He is with me with His infinite Love, lifting me with His Blessings


    Viviana Ramirez



Meet Our Success Stories

Thanks to people like you, these youth are currently being sponsored

and are able to live their dream of higher education!

  • Meet Luis

    Meet Luis

    I am Luis. After I committed a crime with the law and served my time in a juvenile rehabilitation center, I decided to  study gastronomy. 
    My dream is to be a father to have my own family. I want to finish my gastronomic career and my goal is to own my own restaurant. 
    I am currently being sponsored by an amazing sponsor, Janett and because of her encouragement and her sponsorship I am that much closer to my dreams. 
    Thank you Janett and Hope for Youth Peru!