Education is important in every economy, but its influence on attitudes and lifestyle can be just as meaningful. In Peru, schools charge a fee of nearly $1500 per youth per year. Though this does not seem like that much, it can add up to more than 100% of their annual income.

Awarding scholarships to our youth turns hope for a better future into a reality. Our deserving recipients and wait-list hopefuls not only show promise, but the leadership skills to make a difference in their communities.

  • Meet Jean Carlos

    Meet Jean Carlos

    Hi, what’s up? My name is Jean Carlos, I am 20 years old. I am an optimistic, brave, warrior person. Also, a person full of a lot of love, a lot of affection. I like to meet many people. I am friendly and naughty (sometimes). I like music and art. I would also like to travel and visit other countries. I would like to taste their typical foods, visit their tourist places, learn their ways of being, their slangs, and their languages.  I want to study English at the Academy for English “El Cultural” as well as other languages.

    I wish to know how to help those with a lower economy. I want to help those who don’t have food to eat, where to sleep, those in the street that lack mom and dad’s love.  Support those people that need a hug, or a smile.  That is where I thank God for giving me such a loving family because up to now I have needed nothing. It is because of them, I am who I am.  My family is the motor of inspiration and my desire to push forward and fight.  I thank God for my life and allowing me to exist in this world. I will not give up in order to support my family and those in need.


    Jean Carlos
  • Meet Viviana

    Meet Viviana

    I’m Viviana Ramirez, and I am 27 years old.  At present I am enrolled in an English Academic center called, “El Cultural”. I like the languages, I might be slow to learn sometimes but I am now more than ever focused on completing. I would like to gain a certificate allowing me to someday become a Translator or Teacher. That would be an independent job for me.  That is my goal, God willing I will accomplish it.

    I love the art of the traditional Dance of Peru. I have danced for the past 8 years.  I dance with a group called “Estampas de Mi Gran Perú”

    One of my dreams is to own my own home for my 6 year old son (Lian) and me.  He is my eternal love til the day I am no longer here.  He is in 1st grade.  If we have our own home once he reaches middle school he will attend better schools.

    Only God could guide me if I allow Him. Now I am with Him and He is with me with His infinite Love, lifting me with His Blessings


    Viviana Ramirez
  • Meet Kenhiro

    Meet Kenhiro

    Hi, I’m Kenhiro.  I am 24 years old  and I am from Trujillo.  At present time I am living in the Hope for Youth house which helps me to become a better person, to study and to learn more about the Word of God. 

    I’m a guy that loves adventure, all sports but especially soccer, it is my passion.  I would love to travel and see the world. I am studying English right now. It will allow me to hold a conversation with my friends and be able to understand them.

    I am actually going through a new chapter in my life.  I know it will be difficult but at the same time beautiful.  I am going to be a dad. My son, even though he hasn’t arrived yet is already a fighter.  He is going through a pregnancy that only happens to the brave he has an anomaly in his little head.  God willing and allows me to be with him fighting beside him as I have been doing up to this point.  We are waiting for his arrival that is only days away.

    My goal is to study to give my son and myself a better future.  I want to be a good father and friend for him. I want to be in his achievements, dreams and goals. That he achieves as well as he in mine.

    Thank you for all the support you have given since I have been a part of Hope for Youth.  You have supported me in becoming a better person. I want to achieve all my goals and be an example for other youths who think they cannot fulfill theirs and show them that no matter how difficult their lives are, there is always a way out and a person who is ready to help. 


Meet Our Success Stories

Thanks to people like you, these youth are currently being sponsored and are able to live their dream of higher education!

  • Meet Luis

    Meet Luis

    I am Luis. After I committed a crime with the law and served my time in a juvenile rehabilitation center, I decided to  study gastronomy. 
    My dream is to be a father to have my own family. I want to finish my gastronomic career and my goal is to own my own restaurant. 
    I am currently being sponsored by an amazing sponsor, Janett and because of her encouragement and her sponsorship I am that much closer to my dreams. 
    Thank you Janett and Hope for Youth Peru!