Jean Agron, Advisor

Jean lives in California and is a mother of 4 daughters (plus two extras, so really 6) and a mother in law of 2 (or really 4) sons. And a grandmother of 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter and one more on the way!  She has a passion for youth and has worked with youth ministry for the most part of the last 26 years.

In March of 2019 Jean joined the missionary team in Peru. She was blessed to see God at work in the people there. Jean believes that Iliana and Hope For Youth team are doing great things for the Lord in Peru. She was blessed to see how they are helping the at risk and incarcerated youth find their identity in Christ and  in forming deep relationships rooted In Christ. Iliana loves these boys so well and they love her in return. It is a beautiful thing. Jean’s life is forever changed! In June 2019 She returned with some of her family and again was amazed at how God was changing the hearts and the lives of these boys and their families. In February 2020 She once again returned with the missions team and extended her stay.

She prays to return again in August 2020 and hopes to be part of serving the youth in Peru and to see what God has in-store. Peru, HFY and the boys have stolen a piece of her heart.