Founder / Missionary / Director

Iliana has served with youth over 12 years. Starting with The Central Christian Church in Henderson, Nevada  before making The Crossing Church in Las Vegas her home. Originally from Southern California, she now resides in Trijillo, Peru. But her home is in Las Vegas with her son.

She has always had a passion for youth and dreamt of starting an organization like Hope for Youth.  After serving on several mission trips to Peru she was given the opportunity to serve the people of Peru on a more permanent basis.  She started her journey in Trujillo, Peru walking along side  Project New Hope International , who minister in Peru and Ecuador.  She decided to venture off and focus on the young men and women in the barrios of Trujillo. 

Iliana is committed to dedicating her life to God, her son and serving God’s children.  She is focused on sharing God’s love with the young men in the detention center in Trujillo.