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This fundraising initiative is honoring Hope for Youth Peru founder and missionary, Iliana Bustios’s 50th birthday. This year (May 11th) Iliana will be celebrating her “Golden 50″and in honor of God blessing her with this momentous birthday, Hope for Youth Peru wants to raise $50,000, with all proceeds going to the organization.

 Iliana has spent the last 15 years of her life serving the youth starting in  Las Vegas churches and now in the barrios of Peru, with Hope for Youth  Peru. She has been able to make so many positive strides in the lives of  young men and women by helping them stay in school and out of gangs,  keeping them off the streets and in a positive safe environment  with the Hope for Youth house.

Another  big part of the mission of Hope for Youth is ministering and giving  hope to young men in a juvenile detention center In Trujillo, Peru.  Here, Iliana spends up to six days a week with over 200 boys. In the  detention center she is able to build strong bonds with the boys by  showing them Gods love, teaching them practical life skills which they can  take and use outside the center after their releases, and being a consistent positive light in their lives.

Her  work with the boys doesn’t stop inside the detention center. The  ultimate goal is to have these boys turn their lives around when released and become  positive parts of society. We have seen how her work with these young  men have changed  their lives by stepping out of gangs, by giving their lives to God and by working and going to school.

Iliana’s  Golden 50k will go towards these boys who just need hope and love. It  will help fund activities inside and outside the center, provide them  with food and clothing, education opportunities and give them the chance  to have a new start in life.

We’re  jumping in faith that with the help of you all, we can accomplish this  historic goal. “Through Him all things are possible.”


What We Do

Our Focus

We are committed to breaking the cycle of youth incarceration in Peru.  Our primary focus is to help young men and woman find hope through education, forgiveness and God’s truth.

Detention Center

Through building relationship and trust with the director and staff, God has opened up doors to Hope For Youth inside the Trujillo juvenile detention center never before walked through by any other organization.


Our young men and women are always excited to have visitors.  Missions in Peru are based on constructing relationships.  Ministry activities can include: detention center activities, youth camps, community outreach, etc.