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How Your Support Gives Hope

Our ultimate goal is to have these kids back in society earning a living and sharing the gospel. We are seeing the ambition these boys have  to be part of their community. We work with the boys upon their release from prison to effectively achieve that goal. 



Andree is teaching surf lessons while attending The School of Art. He was accepted after passing tests and paintings he presented.  Up to this point Andree was self taught.



Fire at the Detention Center

On February 14, 2018, a riot at the Juvenile Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Center in Trujillo left five inmates dead after one of the pavilions was burned. The 190 minors who were transferred to  the former headquarters of the School of NCOs of the National Police in this city.  

Hope for Youth stepped in to help families of Smoke inhalation victims and their hospital expenses paying for anything from diapers to x-rays. We also provided on a daily basis for almost 2 months all toiletries including toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, drinking water, etc. for the 190 boys left to sleep on the floor of the classrooms of the facility provided.



  • Fernando wants to learn how to cut hair, he is currently being trained by one of our volunteers, Steko, who is a licensed barber. Fernando would love to go to school and get his own license.  The cost is only 60 Solis per month. 
  •  Luis has been studying culinary for the past six months and is certified in nutrition and even organization.  He has one and a half years to go. Lewis would like to open a catering business. The cost would be 150 Solis per month. 
  •  Elvis is a 17-year-old boy who has just enrolled in Colaneri desert school. He wants to start up a party planning business and provide the desserts.  His cost is $60 Solis per month.